Simon Matthews

Psychotherapist providing psychotherapy & counselling in central London and Sussex


Most websites for psychotherapists are the same; a string of qualifications along with a photo that the therapist hopes is welcoming and lots of blurb about different therapeutic approaches and confidentiality and stuff.

In many ways this website will be much the same, but I hope you will find parts of it engagingly different...

I practice the art of psychotherapy in London near Little Venice, W2 and Forest Row, East Sussex.  I specialise in working with people who have difficulties with relationships, depression, anxiety, direction and mid life ‘crisis’.  I am trained to help people recognise and release the symptoms of trauma using an approach called SE (Somatic Experiencing) pioneered by Dr. Peter Levine.  I also have a special interest in working with and helping people with bipolar disorder

I work with adults who are excited by (or at the very least interested in) the prospect of change and who have not lost hope that their future can be different from their past.